We specialize in basement remodel and renovation
Vostrox Remodeling Services knows all the basement remodeling techniques to turn your old basement into the favorite space of your home!

Nearly any remodel or renovation is possible with a Vostrox Remodeling Services!

Whether your space needs a complete basement remodel or a fresh makeover. Your dedicated team will guide you through the remodel process and show you how easy it can be to have a beautiful new basement.

Historic Basement Renovation

You will not believe what is possible in your old basement. We have taken the worst creepy-crawly spaces and turned them into amazing new and modern basements—all the while maintaining the historic character of your unique home!

"They did a great job! I would recommend this company to my friends, they have a high quality customer service and they do a perfect work! Thank you!!!" 

Patrick Keller

Newer Basement Remodel

Do you have a space that was finished by a “handyman” or perhaps it was the builder’s vanilla envelope? Finished Basement Company will transform your current space by strategically adding special design features and finishes. Depending upon the current conditions of your space we can do a complete demolition do-over or leverage the previous build to fuse the best of new and old.

We hired Vostrox for our basement remod. Their  pricing was extremely competitive. Vostrox came up  with some very creative solutions to problem areas in  our basement which is why we hired this contractor  versus another. Him and his guys were very respectful  and very polite making sure our needs were met and  we were satisfied.

Charles H. in Franklin Park, NJ